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Victor started his piano concert career at the age of 6, performing classical repertoire up to the age of 15. He decided to focus on composing and performing his own material. His received a BA from the University of California in Performance Integration of World Myths and Music. His various solo piano albums and performances are astartling  collection of innovative jazz harmonies and world melodies and rhythms.

Video: The Magic Horse Performance


Victor’s MA in Music Composition from Mills College solidified his academic and professional involvement in diverse media. He has conducted various ensembles from small chamber groups to full sized orchestras.


Victor’s involvement with theatre connects him with hundreds of improvisational ensembles throughout California and Australia as paino accompanist. As an actor, he is currently with the Murder Mysteries in the Mountains ensemble.


Victor works with various theatre ensembles as a director, especially radio, voice, and currently involved in a TV series pilot.


Music for Film – A guide for directors, film makers.

Victor Spiegel creates a sound built of innovative harmonies and rhythms. His lyricism grows from both familiar and exotic soils, influenced by music from around the world, including India, Japan, Indonesia, Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Victor captures culture through a jazz lens, creating an improvisational journey of music, with bright moments of discovery where sound is seen as ‘light’ and ‘colour’.

Victor Spiegel - Six Minute Demo

Victor has been scoring for film, television and the games industry for 20 years. His filmography includes short films, features, documentaries, and special projects. Victor’s main focus is on the collaborative process, helping stories and ideas come to life.

Film Score Samples – YouTube

Works in Progress:

No. 46 – Ariana Kenny (feature film)

The Magic Horse – Victor Spiegel

Latest projects Scored:

Morning Glory – Bad Dog Productions (documentary)

Dreaming Abraham – Victor Spiegel (short film)

Cubed – Kane Grose (animation)

Fractured – Michael Oakley (festival circuit)

Naked Picnic – Joel Mielle (just released)

The Return – by Judi Botts (short film)

Alice Rose – Deleece Cooke (short film)

Déjà Vu – Rob Queree (short film)

Organic Beekeeping 101 – Paul Martin (documentary)

Bible Coloring Book – (computer game)

Precognition – Charles Barnett (short film)

The Runner – Alister Jones (short film)

Dolls – Stuart Gordon (Feature film)

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