Solo Piano

Victor started his piano concert career at the age of 6, performing classical repertoire up to the age of 15. He decided to focus on composing and performing his own material. His received a BA from the University of California in Performance Integration of World Myths and Music. His various solo piano albums and performances are astartling collection of innovative jazz harmonies and world melodies and rhythms.

Video: The Magic Horse Performance


Victor’s MA in Music Composition from Mills College solidified his academic and professional involvement in diverse media. He has conducted various ensembles from small chamber groups to full sized orchestras.


Victor’s involvement with theatre connects him with hundreds of improvisational ensembles throughout California and Australia as paino accompanist. As an actor, he is currently with the Murder Mysteries in the Mountains ensemble.

Victor dressed in suit tie and hat, looking incisive.


Victor works with various theatre ensembles as a director, especially radio, voice, and currently involved in a TV series pilot.